Are you looking for more connection? Would you like to share deep presence, joy, unique and meaningful experiences with others? Want to learn something new?

There is always a lot going on at Nine Mountain, from women’s retreats to Thai Massage trainings, creative residencies to “movement camps”, silent meditation, team-building adventures, and more. Our dynamic retreat programs engage participants in exploration in the realms of human connection, spiritual practice, social change work, embodiment and the healing arts. Check out our upcoming courses, workshops and public events below!

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2019 Retreats and Events Open for Registration

Robyn Vogel’s Tantric Pujas

Next Dates: September 13-15


Take a deep dive into connection, heart expansion and into your fully embodied sexual self! This kind of immersion is your most powerful ally in becoming aware of unconscious patterns that are in your way of creating and enjoying relationships and your own sexuality.
From experiential exercises, including tantric pujas, ancient Earth-based teachings, time for reflection in nature and practice with a group of spiritual soul seekers like YOU:
— Activate your awakened Self
— Release your fear of intimacy
— Learn to express and honor the divine masculine + feminine aspects of yourself and each other
— Master the fine art of creating healthy boundaries
— Embrace ecstasy as your birthright
— Ignite intimacy in conscious community


Soundhealing Training for Hands-On Healers

Have you ever wondered how to integrate those beautiful vibrational instruments – singing bowls, tuning forks, gongs, chimes – into your healing practice? Join classical osteopath and sound healer Joseph Schmidlin, DO, MTP, for a unique opportunity to study and experience sound healing in the beautiful Berkshire mountains. This workshop is designed for professional bodyworkers, massage therapists, and healers, including acupuncturists, chiropractors, medical professionals, physical therapists and somatic practitioners who wish to apply soundhealing tools and techniques in their existing practice. Individuals who are not professional healers or therapists, but are committed to cultivating deep listening skills and have some background in the study of anatomy, are also welcome to attend.

In this class we will explore:
* the current scientific basis for the efficacy of sound healing
* the anatomy and physiology of the body
* how to apply sonic tools on the body and in the vibratory field
* esoteric anatomy and the subtle energy body

Register for this event hereEarly bird specials are available until August 15!

Learn more about Joseph on his website,




HAI Workshops

For 50 years, the Human Awareness Institute (HAI) has dedicated itself to holding people in love, safety, and reverence as they walk the path of exploration of what it means to be fully human. HAI holds a bold vision of a world where people live in dignity, respect, understanding, trust, kindness, compassion, reverence, honesty and love.
Through experiential workshops HAI offers the opportunity to safely explore and immerse yourself into the delicate terrain of love, intimacy, and sexuality. Thousands have transformed their lives through HAI. Come see for yourself. Click here to learn more about the Human Awareness Institute.
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