A particular stage of civilization defined by the way people(s) relate to the land and each other.

Our Mission

At Nine Mountain Retreats we lovingly create a home space for exploration in the realms of spirituality, activism, art, environmentalism and embodiment. We host, produce and facilitate inspiring group retreats and workshops and serve as a hub for a global community. The aim of our work is to support and engage in the development of a regenerative culture – deepening, diversifying and uplifting our individual, organizational and societal cultures, promoting healing, and social and personal transformation.

Nine Mountain inspires wonder, connection, contemplation and transformation.

People from around the world come here to explore how to live with a greater sense of belonging and integrity in connection to self, community and the Earth. This space is held as a home to all to who come to be in the woods, supported by the strength of the stone walls, cradled by the canopies of the maples, birches, beeches and pines, cleansed by the gentle babbling flows of the streams and engaged by the activating winds off the hilltops. The ease and natural abundance of this land will support you in taking the bounty back to your own home and life.

A hike into rolling rocky hillside groves cut with sparkling ravine streams and waterfalls. A cozy corner to curl into with a book and mug of tea. A steaming hot tub to soak in. Local cross-country ski trails. A bowl of perfectly spiced soup. A placid pond to take an afternoon dip in. An open safe space in which to create your own container. Yes, all this and more.