Nine Mountain’s staff are here to welcome you to this home and land. We will nourish your body with delicious organic and locally-sourced food and warm your heart with our loving hospitality. Together, we are the space holders, stewards and co-creators of this magical place.


KELLY BITOVAnna M. Maynard

Kelly Bitov, Owner, General Manager and Resident Caretaker, is a public interest environmental attorney, dance artist and past-professor of environmental law at Hampshire College. She developed a love for retreat centers, hosting and feeding big groups of travelers at places like Earthdance, the Fine Arts Work Center and the Appalachian Mountain Club high mountain huts. She loves caring for groups exploring transformation, supporting engagement with this land and creating opportunities for visitors to explore, connect, learn and grow. Contact:


Claire, Resident Caretaker, joined Nine Mountain in October 2018.

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Ryan, Resident Caretaker, joined Nine Mountain in March 2018.

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Kaitlin June is a vagabond songcatcher, voice doula and truth-teller. She brings just the right mix of fun, play and deep, dark fire wherever she goes and LOVES calling Nine Mountain one of her homes! She first fell in love with Nine Mountain in 2016 and is honored to be part of the visiting caretaker crew. As a full-blown Southern songstress and artivist, she is here to bring soulful music to our movements.


Brett was Nine Mountain’s first House Elf, as a Resident Caretaker from January-October 2018.

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ALYSSA LYNESAlyssa Love photo copy

Alyssa has always loved researching how intimacy and connection happen between people in words and movement.  She now geeks out on visioning, clarity, and on designing our lives and community. She has been visiting this land all her life as her biological family is nearby and later her chosen dancing family. She prides herself with the story of having sat in the Nine Mountain hot tub with three generations in her family as well as countless friends and loves over the years.

Alyssa has been known as a bilingual elementary school teacher, a dancer (contemporary, jazz, salsa, tango), a traveling Contact Improvisation teacher, a founding Touch and Play organizer & Intensive teacher, and a co-director of the documentary “Five Ways In” (  She assists Zahava Griss in their leadership program “Do Good Things With Power”. This past year she published an article on communication to Contact Quarterly and taught workshops on community visioning in the US and Canada. She contributed chapters on uncoupling, polyamory, and long distance relationships to the new edition of the book “Getting Along skills for life-long loving”.  She is supported and inspired by Mentors from the Academy for Coaching Excellence and has trained with Zo Tobi’s in his “Give Yourself To Love” program. As a life coach she supports creatives to put their visions into action and lovers to show up to their relationships with a sweet sense of contribution. Alyssa has lived at 9 Mt many times, and participated in and run events here. She is so grateful for the land and people who make this place a home to her and so many amazing people to thrive, celebrate and develop in conscious creative ways.



_MG_2084Brahim Ainabi, Owner, Chef and Manager At-Large, grew up in rural Morocco and began helping run his family’s hotel in his teens. As a young man, he apprenticed with a German chef and traveled around Europe cooking. He brings his many years of hospitality service and culinary expertise to Nine Mountain, and still travels to Morocco regularly to lead tour groups through the desert. His warm smile is infectious. Brahim is the Assistant Manager at Haven Cafe in Lenox, Massachusetts and is an excellent pastry chef.


Caelum is one of Nine Mountain’s extraordinary chefs. He applies his background in cooking with his family, in restaurants, and his Masters in Human Nutrition to empower guests to deepen connection their connection with healthy and sustainable food.

Kale specializes in meeting the needs of special diets with organic and seasonal food for intentional gatherings, festivals and retreats.