Staff and Team Retreats

~ Taking time to nurture connection~

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Nine Mountain Retreats specializes in hosting meaningful and intentional group retreats and gatherings. This spring, we are sharing our sweet vibe with local businesses, non-profits and social entrepreneurs, by offering day-long retreats for your staff or team. Nine Mountain’s Springtime Staff and Team Retreats are designed with small businesses in mind – take your team somewhere beautiful this year, with no logistical hassle and easy travel time.

Day-long retreats | 9AM-5PM | for groups of 10-25

Our flat rate pricing of $500 for the day includes on-site locally-sourced custom catering, use of our beautiful meeting space and easy access to untouched wilderness. Facilitation is also available for additional cost – please inquire.

Check out calendar for available dates, and complete this form to request your dates of choice. Then we’ll get in touch to talk menu, plan for space set up (tables, chairs and projectors, or couches, flipcharts and yoga mats?) and cover any other details.